Responsible Playing:

At Centuryplayers, we value our users and players and encourage responsible gaming. One of the many things that Centuryplayers takes pride in providing to its users/players is keeping them away from uncomfortable situations that may emerge during the "game of skill." Our dedicated team notifies users if we discover indications of addiction or compulsive behaviour.

1. Take responsibility for your actions

  • The age requirement for playing skill games is 18 years old.
  • If a player wishes to self-exclude themselves for a period of time, their accounts can be temporarily blocked.
  • Players can follow our 'Guide to Responsible Play' to keep a check on their play behaviour.
  • You may need to wait up to 5-7 business days for a refund to be processed. Users should pay attention to the additional terms and conditions that govern the transaction during the transaction process.

2. The Guide to Responsible Play

  • Sometimes, players may find it difficult to recognize when their online play has gotten out of control. Many people tend to minimize, hide or deny such issues and the harm they may cause. Some people will lie to themselves about how much money or time they spend online gaming.

3. You can play responsibly by following these best practices

  • Make sure you play in moderation and only for entertainment purposes.
  • You shouldn't play to make money or escape problems.
  • Never chase your losses while playing.
  • Make sure you have a budget set aside for entertainment.
  • Keep track of the time and monitor the amount of money you spend.
  • Play online games in moderation and engage in other leisure activities as well.

4. You should not be involved in any of the following

  • Playing games costs you more time and money than you intended.
  • When you play games, do you feel guilty or ashamed.
  • Don't try to win back your losses.
  • Make sure you have a budget set aside for entertainment.
  • Don't miss important things like family time, your job, leisure activities, and game appointments.
  • Playing all day is something you think about all the time.
  • Do not ever argued with friends or family about your playing habits.